Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Chill is in the Air

Fall just happens to be my favorite season. I love the warm sunny days and the crisp cool evenings. I love the turning of the leaves, festivals (which I never attend, I just think about how great it would be to go...yeah I dunno either...), pumpkins and the anticipation of the upcoming holiday season. This year, fall is a little bit different for me as I can't get out as much as I would like. I know that I am on sick leave, trying to get healed but this is the first time in a long time, I have had weekends off and it is just annoying that I can't enjoy anything. I guess I could rent a wheelchair and let Tony push me around in it but I don't like to be seen this way. Tony took me to Walmart once and I could tell by the looks on people's faces that all they seen was this hugely fat woman using a scooter and damn it those scooters are for sick people. No one even noticed the bright green cast on my foot, that keeps my foot at an odd angle so that I can't bear weight on it. Or I would be walking on my foot, as I am not the most compliant patient. I hear that nurses make the worst patients and I do believe it is true.

I should be hard at work on my senior seminar paper but I am really unfocused and uninspired at this time. I just don't care. I am more interested in my theatre class, I really think I missed my calling but I am frustrated by that class also. We have to present a monologue that is 3-4 mins long, doesn't sound hard does it? Well, once you add in some rules, as it can't be from a movie and it has to be in your age range. Apparently no one is 35 except for me. So I email my ever helpful instructor my issues and two monologues that I thought might be suitable and as usual, she was full of help with the advice "the first one is too short, try adding something to it" and "the second one is too long, so try taking away from it" and (gasp, good advice?) "try timing them?". Shut the front door. I should time them and see how long it takes me to read them. Is that really how that works. My god, college is full of brilliance, how my mind has opened and blossomed under the tutelage of such wisdom. Damn it, can't a girl get a break (other than her foot...).

Tony is still taking pretty good care of me. Bathing has now become the issue of the hour. I LOVE baths. I soak every day. I am a pampered princess and I love it. However, with ol' cast here, I can't bathe like I want. The damn thing gets wet! I even paid $25.00 for this cast cover that you are supposed to be able to swim in. NOT true. It worked well the first time and since then, soggy cast each time thereafter. I have basically ruined my hairdryer because of my cast. It takes about an hour if it is kind of wet to get dry, longer if it is soaked like last time. I glad press and sealed it, trash bagged it and covered it with the "waterproof" sock thing and it still gets wet. So now I have to shower, on a shower chair, which scares the hell out of me because it doesn't fit well in the tub and I have almost fallen using it. It sucks. So I have decided not to bath, not like I am going anywhere huh? Maybe things would be easier if I was a size two but I am thinking not so much. Size two or not, you still have to balance.

Well, I have all of this damn research staring at me. Every time Tony comes in I click open the link that makes it look like I am actually working on my paper. I don't think he is falling for it though. Wish me luck. The countdown to graduation is on, 8 more weeks!

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