Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I absolutely hate insurance companies. They are fuckers and all should die. I know this is harsh and *gasp* I have insurance, I am one of the lucky few. I know, seriously though what do they pay for? I pay them approx $250 monthly, then I have some crazy $3000 deductible that amazingly grows each time I talk to the insurance company. Wanna hear the crazy part? I pay for a $500 deductible plan. Yeah, and I have way used $500 in health care this year. Oh yeah and I LOVE, love, Love calling the insurance company with questions. The lady on the phone actually told me, "you sure use your insurance a lot". "Anthony had a lot of large Dr. bills". Really you stupid twat?! I didn't know that, we didn't think he had cancer or nothing. STUPID bitch. It's insurance you use it for when you are sick. I have tried to bleed to death earlier this year and now have a stress fx. Not only is work giving me shit over my choice of dr.s now you are going to have the gall to say "boy you sure use your insurance a lot?" FUCK YOU! I am so furious right now.

So the whole reason I call is because I have met my deductible so I thought and UHC didn't pay for my last several dr visits and my MRI of my foot. Which is not cheap btw is it appx $1515.49 in health care bills, not counting other bills I have floating around. I call them after I add up all of my bills and look at my account summary and my conversation goes as such "I have paid my $500 deductible and I have met my $3000 HRA something or other and I don't understand why ya'll didn't pay my bill" The lady goes, "Well, you still have $498 left until the 90/10 plan kicks in". I am like "No, i have met my part of the plan, you must be confused". Which then she launches into the fact that "boy, you sure use your insurance a lot" (because I like being sick you stupid twat, die, bitch, die). Which I ignore. Then she goes on to explain that the $500 wasn't a deductible at all! It is my access points and I have to pay those first then I have a $5000 HRA plan. I am like ok, well why isn't that paying for my stuff? She says, there is no money in that account. Why, I say. Well, because you spent it all. So I am back to well, I met my deductible and now I am really confused because she is telling me I have another $1000 deductible that just magically fucking appeared. So then I say, well, I have met the $6000 max out of pocket according to this thing online. She is like No, you haven't and well, I guess you get the point. She actually told me that 500+500+5000 doesn't equal $6000. That is when I just hung up.

So now, I am just fuming. I have yet another Dr. appointment today that they are not going to pay for because I have an ever growing deductible. And everyone wonders why I am for universal health care.

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