Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I have remembered my dreams from the last several nights. I am not sure why I am all the sudden remembering anything, more-or-less my dreams. I would assume that it's because every time I roll over in bed my cast hurt, sticks, whacks a dog, falls of the bed or some other such nonsense. Totally pissing me off. What pisses me off even more is my dreams. They have been weird sexual or drama laden crap that disturbs me enough that I can't go back to sleep. What the hell? I need my beauty sleep.

Take last nights dream for example (not that I plan on boring you with my whole boring dream), I was waiting, waiting, waiting for something. I never knew what the something was but I needed it so, had to have it, longed for it even. And someone I thought was my friend had whatever it is I needed and they knew I needed it. They kept calling and saying "I will be there", "I am on my way" but then never shows up. Then Tony looks at me in this dream and says, "Your friendship with them is over. They are no longer your friend. You can wait forever, but things will never be the same." I woke up with this emptiness in my soul, feeling almost like part of me is lost, and sure that Tonys words to me were true.

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