Sunday, September 6, 2009

Wedded Bliss

Well, my oldest-younger brother David (he is 24...) tied the knot last night. It was a beautiful outdoor wedding. David married a wonderful girl, Amber. I think they are about the same age but to be totally honest I don't know for sure. But that is not really neither here or there. It was a nice, relaxed wedding and I could have kicked myself for getting so wound up about what to wear. It's hard though being someone of size deciding what to wear. I just can't run out to the mall and pick something up. Pretty much I order all my clothing online and sometimes it is a win and sometimes, not so much. I ordered a dressy blouse and a dress. The blouse, looked pretty cute if I do say so myself. The dress, well, it looked like a night gown. I don't understand clothing designers. I am fat this does not mean I am 6 foot tall, have DDD boobs and super long arms. I am short, small chested and have t-rex arms. I just want clothing that fits and looks nice. I understand it's a challenge but hell, I am not the oddity here. Blah, it just pisses me off.

So we stayed all night in a hotel because they got married in Louisville and I love staying in hotels. Or at least I thought I did. I used to maybe? I dunno. And to think Tony and I had an all out war over staying all night. I finally won and we stayed and I was miserable the whole time. I decided about half way through the reception that I wanted to pass a kidney stone. Nothing like being almost 3 hours from home, in a strange place and peeing blood. I was so mad. I am like why can't things ever just be normalish for me. I mean really. I can't dance because of my foot. I don't really drink because, well, my family pretty much has me turned off on the whole drinking thing. And now I am going to pee blood as well?! Really? This is bullshit.

But we are now home, safe and sound. Lil puppy and Bea are happy we are home. We left them alone, all night, for the first time ever. I missed the doggies. It's back to work for me tomorrow. So wish me luck.

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Kendra said...

I know how you feel. I hate, hate, hate buying clothes. I especially hate buying them for special events where you have to dress up & worry about what you look like. It always makes me vow to lose weight. I never keep that vow for long but I meant it at the time.