Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Banning books

I am an avid reader (I really didn't want to call myself an avid reader for some reason, strange huh? Not like there is a damn thing wrong with being an avid reader, it just sounds so...boring!!). And I was horrified when I learned that book banning is thriving today. I guess I live under a rock not to know about book banning but for some strange reason I thought it to be a thing of the past. Ummm, no! I guess it didn't really get good and started until sometime in the 1970's and is really the "cool" thing to do if you live in West Virginia. Totally pisses me off. 

Who in the hell doesn't like books? If you have something against a book, think your kid can't handle what's in the book, well don't read it (I hated Portnoy's Complaint and I still read most of it...) and let your kid be illiterate. Stupid asses! Books kept me sane when times were insane at home. They are my friends. And SHAME on you book banners for being small minded assholes. And double shame on us for letting you survive and flourish in public schools. Don't punish all the kids because you are afraid your kid might read something controversial, never-mind the fact they probably play video games, watch crappy TV and ride the bus. You want to learn some stuff, ride a public school bus. Oh My. Makes my blood boil.

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