Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I owe, I owe...well you know the rest

Well, the cast of doom comes off Thursday, come hell or high water. Wearing a cast is so yesterday! After the cast comes off I suppose I will return to work and boy am I bummed out about it. I was making all these plans today and Tony ruined it all by saying, hon, you will be back to work by then and I was instantly crushed. It's not that I don't miss my friends at work or want to be a contributing member of society but dammit I like being at home. I like my time to be exactly that MY time. Damn. Now I am not self-centered enough to think I am the only person with these thoughts, I mean seriously who wouldn't want a life of luxury, not working and no housework?

I will be glad even if it means going back to work to have the cast off, I am just scared about returning to 12 hour night after not walking at all for 6 weeks. Wow, what a suck.

Hell, I am falling asleep and I have school tomorrow, so I am off of here. Night

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