Thursday, November 5, 2009

I'm already behind

I am stealing my friend Kasey's blog. Isn't that grand of me? But apparently, this is national blog month   (I didn't try to sign up for their blog site, as I feel I already belong to way too many things to keep track) and the challenge is to post a blog everyday for a month. Kasey is 4 days behind and well, a blog up on me. I did post yesterday so that counts right?? Right?!

So expect mindless blather everyday from me. I am sure it will be fun and maybe even cute at first but after about 14 days of me whining, I am sure everyone will be over it, including me.

Tonight, I really don't have a blog subject, just some random thoughts, the foremost on my mind is someone telling me that I just don't know how to be happy. Damn. How the hell did I miss that boat? I mean really,
who the hell doesn't know how to be happy and when did it happen to me. I want to be happy. If fact it is something I regularly pray for and when I see a falling star it is my wish. To be happy. Truly, honestly, shit-in-my-pants happy (and if you don't think that is happy, watch a happy baby have a nice poo...).
And then come to find out all this time I could have been happy but I don't know how. Damn, damn, damn. Where do I learn how to be happy? Do I take a class or read a book? Will there be a test? I am pissed! Not only do I have a 5000 word paper due but now I have to learn to be happy. Fuck.

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