Friday, November 6, 2009

Be careful what you wish for...

The foot saga will never end. All I have wanted since the cast had been put on was for the damned thing to come off. I hated the cast, heavy, hot, itchy, uncomfortable, and the proof that I am mortal and weak. Today I got the cast off and I about died. One my foot was beyond gross. The skin on my foot from the eczema was just well, let's just say GROSS! It felt like leather and smelled like ass. Oh so gross. I was going to put up the picture of my foot but my sister Rach, god love her, thought it a bit much. She said "I wouldn't but you're". We all know what different means.

So in my head (seriously) I thought I would have this cast removed and I would just hop up and walk. Like I had planned on going shopping to celebrate walking, who in the hell was I kidding?! I am so stupid sometimes I am shocked I breath on my own. For one, my foot has been kept at a 90 degree angle, basically tip-toe so I couldn't bear weight on my foot. So logically with muscle atrophy (wasting away) and my foot healing in this angle means I can't walk without an extraordinary amount of pain. Makes sense now but I seriously thought I would be up dancing tonight, possibly back to work tomorrow! WTF is wrong with me? The realization that I still have a long road ahead of me kind of makes me want to cry. By the time I limped to the car I was almost sobbing it hurt so bad. I am so fucked.

Well, what's now you ask? That is a good question. Physical therapy starting ASAP and back in the black boot of death. And hopefully back to work in 2 weeks. I have to get back to work or I will be selling an egg on ebay or some shit. All this and the holidays are coming up. I have to get better because Tony needs surgery too! I can't just be hopping around the rest of my life.

Well, I suppose that is all I have to say tonight. Pray for Tony to have good platelet count tomorrow and for his blood sugars to lowered.

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Kasey said...

While I am happy for you that your cast is off, I am really sorry it hurts so bad. When I broke my arm and they took the cast off, it was awhile before I felt comfortable doing anything with it.

And hey, at least you didn't barf when they took your cast off like I did.