Monday, November 16, 2009


Today has been for shit. Not a total waste of day but just one of those days were going back to bed and pulling the covers over your head (so the monsters can't get ya) seems like the best plan ever. I am so sick and tired of my foot. Seriously, I yelled at it. Not sure what that accomplished because now not only does it have poor range-of-motion, it's feelings are hurt. Damn me! Why do I act like that? Could be because my foot seems to be the root of all that is evil. Ask Tony, he will tell you all about it.

Tony has been in a piss poor mood today. Yeah is me. He is allowed, he has this ongoing platelet stuff, now the dr thinks he has some sort of liver issue, and he is poked and prodded just about daily. It sucks. And this is the week of his mom's death, just not a good time for him right now.

And with all the luck we are having, I say, "Tony, why don't you go and start my car. It hasn't been started in oh about 8 weeks." He starts my car, takes it a little ride around the block, comes back and of course, my car is messed up. There is some strange thumping noise and jerking when it is being driven. Yeah, so I have no income, I am still not back to work, nor does it look like it will be happening any time in the future and my car is sick too. Your kidding right?

Pretty much everyone in the house is having some sort of health issue. Bea has been coughing/choking which Tony and I are both afraid it's cancer. We already know she had cancer in her foot so...we don't have the guts to take her to the vet yet. I know we should but I think if, well, I just can't even say it, but well, not right now ok?

Well, I am off to work some more on the paper of death. Wish me luck.

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