Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No pity

Blah, what a mood I am in today. I have the weeping blues. Damnit. I hate crying. It makes me feel so weak. Damn, damn, damn.

I am even having a hard time just sitting here blogging without crying. Why the tears? Who the hell knows. Honestly, I was feeling fine when I left work this AM, tired but OK. Hell, we all even went to breakfast, which was great. I love my friends. Then to PT for my hugely swollen foot and things were fine there too. So I don't understand what hit me when I got to H and R block. That poor lady had to think I was crazy when I started crying. I blamed it on being overly tired but really it was the pity on her face when she looked at me. Don't pity me. Yeah, I always have something crazy going on. I have a house that I can't get foreclosed on, I was off work with my foot and no short-term disability but I am OK.  Sure my hubby don't have any platelets and it is one thing after another but it can always be worse. We aren't cold or hungry. We have enough to buy Christmas and Christmas dinner. We have friends and family that love and support us. Things are not perfect but together Tony and I make do. Things will be OK.

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