Sunday, December 20, 2009


So here I sit mulling over my Christmas list and thinking about what else I need to buy. Grrr. It drives me to drink. I never feel what I buy is enough. I know it's crazy I work hard to get the "perfect" presents for everyone. Sometimes I win (a pink ring for Becky) or sometimes I lose (mom jeans for Rach). I usually have some sort of list so that I don't over buy and this year with money being tight, over buying really is not an option or so I thought ;) But I guess a tiger doesn't change her spots or is that a zebra doesn't change her stripes? Oh hell. Whatever it is I just know I will never change. Even with watching every dime and buying only things on sale I have over bought. Oh well, it will be a Merry Christmas after all. I know that buying and commericalism is not the reason for the season. But it's my christmas and damnit, I love buying stuff for those people I love.

Now that I am getting over the blues, I am getting excited. I do believe in Santa, I do, I do, I do!

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