Friday, December 25, 2009

Tis the Season

This year Tony and I decided that we would stay home and celebrate Christmas with just the two of us. With his sick gallbladder this is probably the best plan because he tends to get really ill while we are out and then we have to return home anyway. However, all the sudden I am feeling guilty about staying home. I am sure that almost everyone I know is out and about dashing around like a crazy person spending time with their extended family and friends and Tony and I are chilling at home waiting to eat a steak dinner. Hum. I dunno. I am happy to be home and not running around like a lunatic and at the same time I miss running around like a lunatic. Crazy. Nothing ever seems to make me happy. Oh well, guess it's just me.

Enough of that, however, enjoy each other and have a blessed Christmas.

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