Monday, November 9, 2009

plogging along

Well, I didn't think I was going to be able to make my post a day commitment because to be honest I went to be about 10pm last night. Yes that probably is kind of confusing because here it is 3:39am and I am wide awake and blogging. Why?  First thing that woke me up, lil puppy digging my head to get under the blankets, then I had to pee, and after I got up to pee realized I had some horrible heartburn. So I just got up and stayed up. This was about 2 hours ago. I am just checking my various games on facebook then I am planning on going back to bed because I have PT at 10:30am. I am kind of anxious about PT because how well I do in PT=returning to work. I have faithfully been doing my stretches and tonight noticed that I can move my foot a little better. It is still really painful. Walking sometimes takes my breath away it hurts to bad. I get on Tony all the time for his little moans and groans when he moves and I will be damned, now I am doing the same thing, as he so lovingly pointed out.

I am still pissed over the fact that I cannot bathe comfortably. Bathing has been painful since August, I can't hardly stand in the shower because I am afraid of falling and it hurts and raising and lowering my big ass in and out of the tub is an issue. Grrr. I am really tired off all this shit.

Well, I suppose that is all I have to say. I really need to get in bed and get my foot up.

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