Sunday, November 8, 2009


So I shouldn't read blogs before I write one. Blog first, read last. Stupid-head. Especially important when I am feeling like I am. I knew it was going to be one of "those days" when I took a look at myself in the car mirror (I was going to put on some make-up before we arrived at Rach's housewarming party) and thought WTF is wrong with my eyebrows? I know they need waxed and I have really fuzzy, huge, awful eyebrows. Thanks Dad. I mean they are like two black (speckled with gray because who doesn't think that is sexy on a woman) caterpillars on my face. I quickly stopped looking at them and notice lots of other wrong-doings on my face and said, eh, fuck it. Whaddya do at that point. It's my face. I drink lots of pop and  love snacks, so my face is kind of broke out. I sleep on my right eye, so now it has a constant discoloration which I assume is bruising from sleeping on my eye and You know what? And it is what the fuck it is. Blemishes, wrinkles, discolorations and all it's me. Pointing out all my faults and sharing all my deep-dark loathing on here, not going to help a damn thing. I have to stop being so negative. It is just self-destructive and stupid. So there, stupid-head.

Well, my foot hurts. I have been doing my PT like I am supposed to and I keep trying to walk correctly, so Tony will stop bitching about me dragging my foot along. I really can't help that it doesn't work but he is just trying to help me get better.

I think I am getting off of here. I am thirsty, snackie, cold, bitchy, whiny and thinking maybe I should just go to bed. Night!

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