Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sleep, beautiful sleep

I am dead-dog-ass tired. I am tired and worn-out and I can't cry anymore. Did I mention I was kind of hungry too? I know that it is "head" hunger and not real hunger because I just scarfed down a bag of popcorn about an hour or two ago. Damn. Why don't I just go to bed? Well, therein lies my tale of woe. Care to sit a spell and listen?

First off we will start with the tale of death, doom and destruction that started last Thursday with the trip to the liver specialist at B-North, which is approximately 1 hour and 20 minutes away. Nice Dr, wants to "get to the bottom of this platelet thing". Great, you have a go at that Dr. because the hematologist was "getting to the bottom of this platelet thing" for about 13 months. And 13 months and about $11,000 later guess what she found out? Tony has low platelets and they don't get any better. I could have told her that for free and we could have bought a newer car with that insurance money! But I digress. So Tony has to have all these test and guess where they have to be done? B-North. Nice hospital, really, great too bad it is fucking an hour and twenty minutes away and we have to go down there three more times for tests and then another time for results. Sweet. I love driving and Tony loves tests so it works out. Fucker.

So this whole test thing, how does it go? Well,to start off, Tony's decides not to take his blood pressure medication for about 5 days before the test because "he ran out just the other day" and didn't take before the test even though he was instructed to take the damn medication. Dammit just take it OK?  So his blood pressure is nice and high and he has just enough water weight not to be able to have the scheduled test completed. Seriously. Then they decide he has to get some platelets (because he has none) and the shit hits the fan. He threatens to rip out his IV and leave. Things were ugly for a minute but got better. Amazingly enough he gets some platelets (I figured with his luck and health issues they would be fresh out of his kind or some stupid shit) and breaks out in hives. Which is not a good thing. After a small amount of panicking because the nurse would not listen to me "hey look at this hives, he just got platelets, don't ya think something should happen?!" We get to another department which notices the hives and takes care of them. Yeah! Tony gets the liver biopsy and about 3 1/2 hours later we get to leave!

Tony is doing pretty good. He is just a little sore but he refuses to go to bed. Could be all the steroids he received because of the hives. So up I sit with him to make sure he behaves.

If he doesn't go to bed soon, I am pretty sure I am going to just fall over. My head hurts and my eyes are tired and dammit I am starving and I wanna go to bed! I am thinking about slipping him some benadryl and calling it a night...;)

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