Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr. Dork STAT

I love my husband. Really I do. I love him from his fuzzy lil' head to his Fred-Flintstone like feet. However, he is a medical weirdo and it is wearing me out. Fourteen months is a long time to be struggling with an unknown medical problem. We thought were we going to have answers on Monday but someone upstairs had a different plan as it snowed asshole deep to a big tall man and the appointment for Dr. Expensive Specialist was canceled. Yeah it has been rescheduled for March 11th. I don't want to wait that long. I want answers now dammit. Tony wants answers now. He has been in a terrible mood since his appointment was canceled and I have been mildly crazy. It has not been fun at this house.

But the medical drama doesn't end there. We need a new family doctor. Ours up and moved due to a nasty divorce so at the moment we are currently doctor-less. Easy enough to fix, call around find someone new. Yeah, good theory however, it seems that no one is taking new patients. And Tony only feels comfortable with female Dr.s so that really narrows down the search. I am not giving up though. We will find someone I am sure of it. I just hope that nothing else comes up during the hunt for a new doctor. (like the hives he has been having off and on for the past several days)

Well, as I have to work tonight and really hate being up in excess of 24 hours. I guess I will be heading back to bed. Have a great day.

Oh yeah and guess who lost 4 more pounds? That would be me!!