Thursday, February 18, 2010


Today it a much better day. I actually slept for four hours straight, twice. So, basically I slept for a grand total of eight hours and I feel like a new woman. Yeah me! Sometimes, when I get in a mood like I was yesterday I blog because if I don't my head will explode, then I go back and I am tempted to delete the blog I wrote because A: they aren't usually good blogs and B: I think they make me look bi-polar, unstable, crazy umm a bit emotional. However, once posted I do not like to delete blogs. As my friend Phyllis has been known to say "it is what it is", thus the poorly written, semi-crazy sounding blogs stay. *sigh* Don't ya'll feel sorry for Tony having to live with a mess like me?

As for Weight Watchers, they can kiss my ass this morning. I want something full of fat, sugar, cream, eggs, butter and taste. Where is Paula Deen when a fat girls needs her? I actually had dreams about a luscious cheeseburger last night, loaded with all the goodies, slathered in Miracle Whip, bacon, BBQ sauce, and all the fixings and I cried a little because I could never take one juicy bite during the dream. Not even one bite. This morning to attempt to satisfy this craving I had a vegetarian mushroom burger, with cardboard tasty wheat bread, lettuce, a snort of mayo, and a salad with fat-free cheese like substance and dressing. It was well, it was, not a cheeseburger. But I am full and I have meet some of my daily requirements. Tonight it weigh-in and I don't think I am down a damn pound. I am going to have to suck it up and start exercising and the mere thought of exercising makes me want to barf. Wish me luck.

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Kasey said...

Exercising does suck at first but you can actually grow to sort of like it.

The eating healthy part... that is the hard part to me. I also dream about food... I want some wings with real blu cheese and none of that light crap.