Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Call me journey-woman

So you think that weight-loss is a "journey"  and I think, people who call weight-loss a "journey" are assholes. Why? Because to me a "journey" brings up visions of exciting things like really fun spur-of-the-moment vacations and...and...well, besides really fun spur-of-the-moment vacations, I guess I can't think of anything else. But what I am trying to say is I don't really feel that weight-loss is a "journey" more like torture or punishment for making poor food choices.

With that being said, I am still working on myself and losing weight and dammit it is hard and it sucks. Why does everything that tastes so good have to be bad for me? Why can't I just have a "bite" of something instead of the whole fucking thing? Why can't I leave food on my plate? Why (stomp), why (snort), why (stomp), does this have to be my life? Was I so bad as a child that I am being punished by this...fat-ass of mine (well to be said my ass really isn't that fat, it's my gut and arms, and back...well, anyway) or was it a former life? Seriously, am I being punished for being bad in a former life?! Well, that is a discouraging line of thought...

But even with all the whining, pissing and moaning that I do, I keep going to WW. Now I am not saying that I lose every week because for the last 2 weeks I have gained making my weight-loss total for a month a whole .6 lbs, maybe if I had went to the bathroom before I weighed-in it would have been a whole .8 lbs but I want to refrain from being that crazy if I can help it. But it is still a loss, taking my total up to somewhere around 33 lbs down since January. Which isn't bad.

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