Thursday, November 25, 2010

2 lbs might as well be a million

Who knew that a measly two damned pounds would stop my weight-loss journey dead in it's tracks. Two pounds. I literally have been losing and gaining those same two pounds since about late August. Screw you two pounds. I lose them, I gain them, then I gain them again (yeah, yeah I know that is technically four pounds but I did graduate from the AC so, it is two and then two more). Then I will just lose all of them and be back to the same weight I started! It is very frustrating and Lord knows I do not do frustration well. Thus, the cycle, -2+2-2+2+2. Ack! And now is it death's anniversary, job insecurity and any amount of shit I can come up with as an excuse to overeat and not follow my healthy eating habits. And I am terrified that those two damned pounds will open the gate for all fifty pounds to come back aboard.

But that is OK, you two evil pounds, I have a plan for you. It is called WW, I started last year in January and I plan on restarting in January.  Hell, our new insurance will even pay for my visits. Are you scared yet two pounds? Well, you should be because not only am I coming after you, I am coming after your little fat friends. Spread the word, you have one month to get your shit together and get the hell outta dodge. Because WW, healthy snacks, exercise are coming after you and you will not survive this battle!

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