Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A blog from me!

So as many of you might or might not have noticed I do not blog as much as I used to, what is weird about that is I continually write in my head. I am always thinking about what I would say about what is going on in my life or what I am feeling, etc. I dunno how to describe it other than I am always writing in my head. Too bad there is not some head-blog wavelength so I can just think my blogs and viola they are posted. You know, though, scratch that because my blogs would then either get me sued, divorced, de-friend-ed (which I do quite well on my own thanks) or fired. Probably disowned and perhaps in a padded room with fuzzy bunny slippers. Hum, do you think they let you have fuzzy bunny slippers in a padded room? I am going to say no, death by fuzzy bunny slippers would be way to much paperwork to fill out, no matter how funny it would be. I can hear it now, how did she do it? Slippers you say? Fuzzy bunny slippers, what a tragedy but that Angie, she was always such a kidder. What a funny girl. That sounds just like her going out with a laugh.

But anyway, what is going on with me? Not a whole lot beside a horrible bout of depression, which I wouldn't wish on my worse enemy. What a boring, selfish thing to suffer from, depression. I mean really just how much can one person whine about how much they suck, life sucks, work sucks, family sucks, marriage sucks, being sick sucks, well, I am guessing you get the picture. So just how much whining can one person do? A hell-of-a-lot just ask any of my totally awesome friends, who have listened to the same whines over and over and over again. They give advice, listen, sigh and let me just be me. And even though I disconnect sometimes and I am a terrible listener, they still are my friends, and I love them for that. 

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